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Hey Karen,

Well we made our first two dives in Saint Lucia, loved it so much that we dove 4 more times! We are officially certified and we even already had our certification cards sent to us by PADI. I wanted to let you know that the instructors at the resort were extremely complimentary of the packets you put together, they said everything was perfect!

As far as the quarry dive, we were curious if we would still be able to go? We are addicted now!

Let me know. Thanks!
OMG diving in Cozumel, unbelieviable, I may never dive Gilboa again LOL.
I can't get over the diving, Rays, Turtles....
Toto we ain't in Gilboa anymore!!!
Merry Christmas Just finished my last dive for this trip, this place is the bomb!
I will never be able to thank you and Karen enough for helping me to be able to do this, Feliz Navidad. 12-23-2015
Joel Osborn (Joel's wife bought him scuba lessons for his birthday)
Hi Karen!!  Sherri Schwachenwald here (Cindi White is my sis) ....I completed my Open Water classes with your hubby Paul before my trip to Cozumel where I did my cert dives.  Cozumel was awesome!!!  I did very well out there and always came up on all dives with 1000 psi left!!  The deepest we went was 110 ft....and on that dive I still has 1100 left.  Everyone was asking me if I even breathe under there.  Funny...I guess I'm just a natural :-)   I absolutely fell in love with the underwater world thanks to you both.  
I'm planning a trip to Key West in July and wanted to know if you have any recommendations for dives/dive centers out that way.  I will have a car and will be staying in Key West.  I don't want to drive all the way to Key Largo but was thinking Marathon area and of course Key West where I'll be staying. 
If you have any favorites out that way, please let me know.  Hope you and Paul are doing well.
PS..I referred my friend John to you both. He needs to complete his Open Water Cert.  He will be getting in touch with you. 
He is going to Key West with me.



We had a great time getting certified with you guys! Thanks for the great experience!

Lauren Leister August 3, 2014



Hey Karen and Paul, just checking in to see if you had got in the advanced diver books yet? I would like to pick one up when they are ready. Just so u know to I did 2 dives in Key Largo and it was the greatest time ever. I got to swim with a reef shark and sea turtles.  I wanted to thank you guys to for the awesome training, I felt very comfortable with the whole thing because it was exactly like you said it would be. I felt very prepared for the dive and my guide even said she would have never known that it was my first dive if I would not have told her. I have you guys to thank for that and I can’t wait to dive with you this spring. I also have a cousin that would like to start diving and wants to do his quarry dive when josh and I do it. His name is Ed . His email is . I am going to give him your email as well. Thanks again.


Jason Antill

Project Superintendent



I have to tell you, learning to scuba was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  Well, the best thing the kids ever did for me being that the lessons were my gift from them. I was a little nervous just prior to our dive in the Caymons but once I got in the water and started exploring, I found I was in my element.  I could have stayed down there for hours.  I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go again. It was amazing. Katie wasn't able to dive but she and Jason did go snorkeling.
In Cozumel Mark, Teri, Mark & Abigail and I went on a glass bottom boat. That was a bust. A 4ft piece of plexiglass fitten into the bottom of a small boat. But I did snorkel with a guide off the boat and that was great. We snorkeled about an hour and a half.  The trip as a whole was the best family quality time ever.  So glad we did it.  We've all decided we are doing a family vacation every 2 years. We need the year between to pay off the last one and save for the next.  We're talking Hawaii next.
I had forgotten about my new Padi card. Did you get it? If so can you mail it to me?


Thanks for everything.

Karen Filmer

Hello Karen, hope all is well with you and Paul. We are loving Florida. We have been diving on the east coast out of Boyton beach, around Tampa and St. Pete and a few weeks ago down in the keys at Sombrero key
lighthouse. Heading to grand Turk in December should be awesome. Thanks again for Mine and Davids start in diving.

I love it
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"Wow we pulled it off. What a team effort. Thanks
so much for all the extra time you spent".
 Dick and Carolyn Steiner


"Just wanted to thank you both for putting
together a wonderful trip. We know it took a lot of work on your part. We had a
great time and enjoyed your company along with meeting new people. Thanks
again! Your friends in Christ! Jim and Pam Hodges


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