• Aqua Marine Scuba Terms & Conditions.

Please take time to read our terms and conditions as once enrolment to
an activity has taken place, participants agree to abide by our terms and
conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us in respect of the following

Scuba Classes:

Aqua Marine Scuba, Inc. has been serving Ohio's scuba divers since 1996.

Scuba Diving is not typical of a general business which are reflected in some of our store policies.


  • There are NO REFUNDS on class payments or reservations.
  • Classes can be transferred to another

person if you decide not to enroll in a class. However, once you do enroll in a
class, we require at least 10 days notice to transfer to another class/date.
There is a $25 transfer fee as long as we have at least a 10 day notice.

Any delay of over 30 days to complete your Open Water Certification
dives requires a pool refresher to maintain your skill level. If you complete a
scuba class, but don't certify within six months, you will be required to
complete some classroom & pool training to bring your diving skills up to
standards. See our store staff for the cost of this make up! If it has been 12
months or more, you will be required to complete the class again.

If a student misses a class or pool session for any reason, you must attend a make-up
session prior to the next class/pool meeting. This private session is $50 per
person for a class make up and $50 for a pool make-up.

Students are responsible for acquiring all textbooks and reading all chapters and completing
all necessary knowledge reviews prior to coming to class, per the course
description. The course description can be obtained at Aqua Marine Scuba, Inc.,
or on the web at www.luv2scuba.com

A DVD will be loaned to you the DVD it is the property of Aqua Marine Scuba, Inc.

and must be returned atthe conclusion of class. DVDs can be purchased for an

additional fee $40.00+ tax, buying the DVD and reviewing before a trip can be very helpful.

Scuba Diving is an in-water activity. It is required that all
participants have moderate swimming ability and be comfortable in the water.

For your safety and ours, Aqua Marine Scuba, Inc. reserves the right to
inspect all equipment being used in the pool or during open water dives PRIOR
to starting any classes. At the sole discretion of Aqua Marine Scuba, Inc.,
any equipment not deemed satisfactory will not be allowed to be used.

I understand that by not having equipment checked prior to the pool sessions
or dives I may be turned away and required to retake the session at an
additional fee.

Students are responsible for having all medical forms and liability waivers completed

prior to coming to their first class. The necessary forms for your class can be obtained

at Aqua Marine Scuba, Inc. or on the web at www.luv2scuba.com.

Students who arrive at class without having read the appropriate coursework, completed the knowledge reviews and completed their medical forms and liability releases may be required to
re-enroll in a new class. The re-enrollment fee is $50 for all courses except
Open Water Class & and Pool, for which the fee is $100. Students who come to
class unprepared and are rescheduled and will not be eligible to receive a

Scuba Refresher course
If you have not completed your Open Water dives refresher is

$50 0-6 months after last class.

After 6 months$100.

After 1 year you will have to re-do a full Confined water class and re-do
all your testing at current pricing.

Referral Certifications:
Students who desire to complete their final Open Water training dives at
a tropical location, such as the Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Cozumel, Hawaii
etc. will be required to pay for a "Letter of Referral" to process the necessary
documents. This fee coves researching dive shops at your selected destination,
the cost of the paperwork, faxes to/from the resort dive center and a minimum of
one additional pool session prior to your departure.. We offer a $25 discount on
the referral fee if you book your trip with Aqua Marine Scuba's Travel Center.
Once you have decided which referral facility to use, we will begin the process
and necessary paper work. To receive the Letter of Referral, we must have two
photo's, all your class & pool sessions completed, copies of your knowledge
reviews, medical release, liability form, log book up to date and signed by your
instructor, settled any outstanding balance at the store and your class &
pool sessions completed. The Referral fee is $25 without a pool refresher or $50
with the pool refresher including all dive equipment.

New Student Pre Orientation:
The following is covered by one of Aqua Marine Scuba
professional staff members during all new student "Pre Orientations"! These are
approximately 30 to 40 minutes and mandatory so you will have the opportunity to
get the most out of your scuba certification process at Aqua Marine Scuba

Aqua Marine Scuba's Orientation includes:
Staff Introductions, class dates & times, review of your student PADI Crewpak, pickup
your loaner DVD, overview of Aqua Marine Scuba snorkeling equipment
requirements, layaway options, Open Water training options - Florida, - one of
our Caribbean trips, or our Gilboa Quarry option, equipment rental procedures,
non completion portions of the course, missed class/pool procedures, & our
course transfer/cancellation policy.

30 Day Guarantee:
If you are unhappy with any purchase from Aqua Marine Scuba Diving, return it with the
original packaging within 30 days of the original purchase date and we will
replace or exchange it, or give you an exchange credit on your account. Items
returned within 30 days of the original purchase that have been used, or do not
have the original packaging, will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Some items
such as swimming attire, wetsuits, snorkels and personal mouthpieces cannot be
returned after use, for obvious reasons. Any special ordered items will also
incur freight and handling charges.

Equipment policies:
Any equipment used by our students must meet our safety requirements.

Snorkeling equipment must be scuba diving quality (no off brand sporting goods equipment
allowed) Classes beyond our beginning Open Water Program must be in it's current
service inspection period with the appropriate service sleeve, or sticker
attached. SORRY NO EXCEPTIONS! We simply can't allow a diver to make a deep dive
with us if their equipment has not been serviced within a year or the
manufacturers recommended service interval. YOUR safety is our primary concern!

Course Commencement and Dates:
As per schedule or bespoke

Dive Site & Boat Fees:
Course prices do not include
entrance to dive sites or Quarry fees. Students unable to dive on scheduled
courses bookings will incur the cost of the place if 72 hours cancellation
notice is not received (unless renegotiation with the Quarry operator is

All recreational courses include the relevant required PADI Student Kit. The necessary DVD can be bought, or we can loan you 1 for 2 weeks (pending availability) if not returned there will be an additional cost. Professional level courses require the purchase of training/teaching materials.

Insurance & Safety:
Prior to participating in diving activities, you will be asked to sign forms
relating to the safety procedures, precautions and acknowledgement of liability
to the risks involved. It is important that the forms are read and completed
with care. All participants under 16 will require a parent or guardian’s
countersignature. Some participants may be required to see a doctor or undergo a
medical before commencing, but we wish to avoid any disappointment so please ask
questions about any aspect of which you are uncertain.

Loss or Damage to Property:
Aqua Marine Scuba can not hold any accountability for loss/damage
of any personal belongings. Aqua Marine Scuba also asks that students are
respectful of any property belonging to Aqua Marine Scuba or Gilboa Stone Quarry
and will be responsible for the replacement or repair of any items lost/damaged
while in their use or supervision.

Cancellation Policy:
Aqua Marine Scuba termination of activities: There is the possibility of short notice
cancellation due to weather (which we have no control over), mechanical or
equipment problems, staff illness or other unforeseen circumstances. We regret
these situations, but Endeavour to reschedule trips and courses to complete
qualifications to the students convenience. Aqua Marine Scuba operates a
flexible program and participants should simply rebook an alternative date. Aqua
Marine Scuba commits to complete the qualification for which students have
signed up.

Participant termination of activities:
For courses, we requests that any student cancellations give at least:
72 hours notice for changing course dates
For cancelling (refund terms and conditions
apply) If 72 hours cancellation notice given and place filled, fully
If 72 hours cancellation notice given and place unfilled, deposit
Less than 72 hours notice, cost of place forfeited


For Scuba Trips:
Require a deposit of 50% to secure a place
Must be booked and fully
paid for 2 weeks in advance
If 72 hours cancellation notice given and place
filled, fully refundable
If 72 hours cancellation notice given and place
unfilled, deposit forfeited
Less than 72 hours notice, cost of place


Deposits and Refunds:
A deposit amount for Open Water and for
specialty courses will secure a place; deposits are non-refundable. All course
fees are payable in full 1 week in advance, Aqua Marine is unable to
offer a refund once a course has been scheduled. A cancellation notice period of
72 hours is required for which the deposit amount to cover the cost of materials
and administration will be deducted from the refundable amount.
Professional level courses are subject to individual terms and conditions by negotiation.

Complaints procedure:
The easiest way to resolve a problem is to
mention it on the day and we will find a solution acceptable to all parties.
However, in cases of an unsatisfactory outcome, please let us know in writing
within 7 days and will address the issues to find a happy ending/conclusion.

Certification procedures:
Qualification recognition can only be processed on completion of all administrative requirements. These include:

  • Knowledge Reviews,
  • Log-Book Verification,
  • other course related Projects and Paperwork,
  • Student Photograph
  • Payment of all necessary fees.

Student learning agreement:
Students agree to:

1.Study independently as specified by instructional staff (generally, reading the appropriate section and completing the relevant knowledge review and watching the course DVD prior to
each class)
2.Ask questions about any aspect not understood.
3.Be punctual and prepared for all theory, pool and Dive Site sessions.
4.Follow directions and course procedures from Aqua Marine staff team.
5.Abide by standards of safe diving practices and act in a courteous manner at all times.
6.Not consume any alcohol or illicit drugs before or during the course or be involved in any
activity that increases risks with diving.

7.In the case of additional sessions being required (incomplete knowledge reviews,
absence etc NOT further practice for speed of learning considerations) an
additional cost will be incurred.


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