How long does it take to learn scuba diving?

You can learn to dive in 2 weekends. You can earn your open water
certification in 2 weeks! We can also split the classroom and weekend sessions
up. We realize how busy you are and want to make Scuba Classes convenient for
you. We can schedule classroom time by appointment.

How much does it cost?

The total for our PADI Open Water Scuba Class is $440.00. That
price includes all class materials, rental equipment, and certification card, we supply everything throughout the class except you bathing suit. This is your
cost breakdown :

$85.00 PADI Open Water Student Kit
$245.00 Confined Water Classes (pool) and Classroom (loan of DVD or Video)
$150.00.00 *Open Water Class (Quarry)

$25.00 Open Water Scuba Referral (If you decide to finish the rest in the Islands)

 (these costs can be paid in installments)

(It is also a little more if you use paypal. Your paying interest)

We ask that you purchase your Mask
Fins and snorkel before the Open Water Dives.

Open water dives will be
*completed at Gilboa Stone Quarry

*does not include Quarry entrance
fees, air fills, camping/motel or PIC Card.

I'm not a good swimmer. Can I dive?

You have to be able to:

PADI Open Water Diver Certification:

1.You have to be able to swim 200 yards in any manner with no time
limit and be able to float or tread water for 10 minutes.

PADI Scuba Diver Certification

1.You have to be able to float or tread water for 10 minutes

Am I too old to learn how to Scuba Dive?

Anyone can learn how to dive if
the desire is there, age is not a barrier. You need to be in good physical
health to dive not young...

Am I too young?

8 years and up may participate in Bubblemakers, but 10 is the minimum

age for classes. Note: Learn to scuba if you get good grades in school,

or get scuba classes as a incentive gift to get good grades, Hummmmm...

Can I dive if I need glasses?

There is a 25% magnification underwater so you may not need your glasses under there. You can also train and dive with contacts (if you take off your mask you just keep your eyes closed). Corrective lenses are also available for most masks (also bi-focals) we just need a copy of your prescription and about a week turnaround time.

Is entering an alien world, over which an individual has no control, safe?

Your first introduction to confined water (pool) you will be accompanied by a PADI Instructor 
and or a PADI Divemaster to prepare, introduce and remain with you until you feel relaxed.

Is it dark underwater, and hard to see?


In the ocean visibility can rang from 100-200 feet. Most local diving quarry's range from 20-30 feet

I'm scared because of the movies, are sharks everywhere?

Sharks are rarely seen on any dive. Sharks are, what are called,
opportunistic feeders they are looking for something hurt or dead.

Is it very cold underwater?

The temperature of Gilboa Quarry in the summer
months range from 70-85 degrees. In certain parts of the world like Cozumel, Mexico the water temperature was 86 degrees at 100 feet. The Atlantic ocean ranges from 75-86 degrees at most depths, Pacific can be a little colder.

I heard you go really deep?


As a recreational diver you see more in the 20-35 foot range. The deeper you go the less sunlight so the less coral growth. Deep water divers and Wreck divers dive deep.

We do all our training in no more then 35 feet.

I heard you have to have a lot of experience to go on a Dive Trip with a group?

Most people wait for our trips to go diving, so on the first day of a dive trip,

all the dives are shallow. We do ask that if you have the time you try to get a couple quarry dives in with us through the year so your comfort level is up, and your prepared to dive.

Here at Aqua Marine Scuba our primary concern is that you are
comfortable, let us know how we can help you to become more comfortable...

I had a heart attack last year and want to scuba dive/start diving again. Is it safe?

Maybe. Isn't that a definite answer? I expect that the answer is
yes, but first talk to your physician about this. Next, call DAN. After that,
you may need to talk to your physician again, just to be certain that everything is clear and understood. Then, you will probably benefit from a refresher, in the pool - to make sure that everything is tuned up.


I'm Diabetic


If your Doctor approves the medical we will work with you.

I want to go on a boat charter and need to know how to choose a good boat.

Many divers will not dive from the shore - its to much work! For them, boat charters are the
way to go. Even the rest of us get lazy sometimes and enjoy boat diving.


How to choose a good one? Ask your friends. Stop in the shop and ask for opinions.
There are often other divers in the shop and they all love to talk about their
favorite charters! Once you make your decision, and show up on the dock, how are you treated? Are new conditions imposed, at the last minute - agree or lose your money? Did you get to go where you expected, or did the captain change the site, so he can visit with his friends? (Occasionally weather does impose changes).
Are you a welcome customer or an intruder with the gang? If you need some help, is it offered? Are you rushed to get into, then out of the water, so the boat can take another group out? If your answers landed on the wrong side of these questions, FIND ANOTHER BOAT!!!! There are a lot of them out there. I realize that I have given you questions, rather than answers, but everyone is different.
This is one of those places where you have got to decide for yourself.

Does the air in a SCUBA tank spoil? Should I drain the tank and have it refilled?

This is a complicated answer to a simple question.

No, the air does not spoil. That said, yes the tank needs to be drained and refilled for the new season. Here's why. If you had some water in the tank last autumn it has had
months to catalyze the chemical reaction between the metal of the tank and the oxygen in the tank. We do not know if there was any water, BUT if there was, you may have a tank of almost pure nitrogen. Since you cannot tastor smell it, why take a chance? In any case this is a good time to get your annual inspection done, and it needs to be drained anyway for that.

How do I take care of my diving mask?

When you first purchase a mask, there is an oil film on the glass which needs to be removed. If you do not, it will cause the mask to
fog terribly when you use it. Most people use some toothpaste to polish it off.

How do I get prepared for the diving season?

1.First make sure your equipment is ready - the regulator needs its annual service;

2.The tank needs its visual inspection (and perhaps it needs a hydrostatic test);

3.The BC needs to hold air reliably.

4.How does the wetsuit look? Does it still fit?

It is remarkable how much rubber can shrink over the winter!

5.Now, how about you?

Is everything still clear in your mind? Perhaps a pool session would be useful. It certainly would be fun. Have you considered taking an advanced class, to improve your abilities.

7.A good diver is always learning. There is always another way to
have fun underwater.

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