Rescue Diver

What does it cover?

First you need to purchase your Rescue Student kit.


The PADI Rescue Diver Course  content is broken down into 5 easy-to-learn sections after an introduction. The course covers a wide range of topics including,


  • The Psychology of Rescue
  • Recognizing Diver Stress
  • Accident Management
  • Assisting Responsive and Unresponsive Divers at the Surface and Underwater 
  • Equipment Problems
  • Oxygen Delivery Systems
  • Missing Diver Procedures
  • Responding to Diver Emergencies 
  • Inwater Rescue Breathing.


Who can benefit from completing the course?
The course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to prevent, and if necessary, manage dive emergencies. The course broadens a diver's awareness and improves their skills and confidence. Most certified PADI Rescue Divers look back on their rescue training as one of the most challenging - sometimes demanding - and therefore most rewarding courses they've taken. The subject is serious but the training is fun.

What are the PADI Rescue Diver Course prerequisites?
You need to be at least 12 years old, certified to beyond entry-level with proof of underwater navigation training, such as PADI Adventure Diver with the Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive completed, and be fit for diving to be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver. Any diver with the prerequisite training who is at least 12 years old .

How does it work?
Aqua Marine Scuba presents you with interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes let you check understanding of the presented information before moving on. This lets you go through the program efficiently and at your own pace. End-of-section exams verify your mastery of the entire topic and are automatically scored.

What else is required to complete the course?
After completing the online portion of the PADI Rescue Diver Course you'll visit Aqua Marine Scuba to complete your training. You'll take a Quick Review to confirm your understanding of safety-related material from the course. Then, you'll complete the inwater training portion of the course. Your instructor will have you complete ten rescue exercises in open water, either with or without initial skills practice in confined water. Finally, you participate in two Rescue Diver Scenarios in open water.

What is the minimum amount of time it will take to complete this program?

The PADI Rescue Diver Course  will take approximately 10 - 12 hours to complete.


Value:$260.00  Does not include the PADI Rescue Kit

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